Clothing Designers

Hey, Cookie Tech.

I am wondering if anyone is a Clothing Designer or Knows a Clothing Designer.

I am the owner of a Airline in need of uniforms. We are starting our operations shortly and need uniforms. Please reply.

Kind Regards,

Hi Kieran,

I used to do clothing designing, but I don’t anymore. If you would like, I could possibly try again, so you can either message me on the forums, or message me on Discord via the Cookie Tech discord server or with my username & tag which is Oreo;#0024!

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Maybe @Deleted_User11 is interested, if she still does clothing design.

I think she is inactive on the forums, it’s worth a check seeing if she’s still active by dropping her a message!

I’m sure Saturn could find you one here!

If you’re interested