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Hello Cooke Tech :cookie:!

This is way way way more directed to @cookie but you can read it.

I have been thinking, my phone glitches while typing on a website.

Soo, I think cookie should make a Cookie Tech App!

I hope to see this in the future, best regards, @andrew

#site-feedback Will be a better category for this post, remember to look for a category before you post.

Oops. I was thinking about that but then i forgot. Sorry!


I know you mentioned this is directed to @cookie, however just wanted to point out that Cookie Tech already has a browser app;

Screenshot 2022-07-11 10.35.33 AM

Hope this helped!

I have an apple iPhone…

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If you’re using Safari, just hit the share icon at the top and click add to Home Screen.

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ok look

is it supposed to be like that

Yup, that’s it! Is that good?

yes it is good i love it

Yeah, keep in mind that is isn’t an actual app, but rather just an extension to the site.

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Glad it worked for you!

We’ve had this conversation before actually. Cookie Tech has a WEB app but we do not have an app on the playstore or App store. When we first pitched the idea out we had some problems but who knows? the forums is growing faster then ever before :eyes:


Welp, it stopped working after about 17 hrs of read time. Here is what it looks like:

No keyboard :sob:

That’s a phone problem, not an app problem.

Nope alll my other keyboards work

Strange, try re-installing.

I did that already (20)

That’s going to be an issue completely non related to read time, which browser are you using? Safari is known to have issues.

The web app. (20 chars)

What is “The web app.”?