Discord webhooks - A new way to post from Roblox

Greetings, Cookie forums!

Recently, as most of you likely know, Discord blocked Roblox from using Proxies. You may or may not have seen Cookie’s amazing way, which you can check out here. As it is a good way of posting, there is a much easier way which I have recently Discovered. Through Hyra, you can post these easily, it’s quite simple. You can follow the steps below. Note: You don’t need a Hyra product to use this method.

  1. Make your post how you would as if you were normally making a webhook post from Roblox, if you were able to.
  2. Replace discord.com in your webhook url with hooks.hyra.io.
  3. It’s that easy, it will automatically post.

Webhook was:
Webhook now:


Is the hrya API also blocked?

Couldn’t you just call it normally via ROBLOX, that would kind of defeat the purpose of running an extra webserver.

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The Hyra API isn’t blocked because it basically does what yours does- just without all the extra work. You post what you would normally post to discord with the same webhook, but replacing the discord part with the hyra part. Hyra does the rest, for free.