Exploring Backdoors [FIXED]

Hello, Cookie Tech!

This is an updated post, compared to this I wanted to create another, as I dealt with it improperly, please don’t report this as spam.

I’ll be using a virus model from a plugin,

For those who don’t speak LUA (like myself, I have a very basic understanding of it.), this script is telling roblox to add a “Model” to the game, when a server/instance starts, it will insert it into the game.

It’s important to note that not all require scripts are malicious, such as BAE, it inserts the module automatically, using a require script, which isn’t malicious, most of the time, require scripts are fine, but some people may use them with malicious intent.

Next, I went to the Creator Library and inserted the ID, 5355299916, which led me here. I already knew the “Module” was made by DylanJamesKIY, who was following chromosome_s, which is a terminated account. I took the time (20 seconds, wow!) to find their profile, which I’ll link here. The person I just linked has 699 followers, which all seem to be bots so… did they make all those bots? I’m starting to think they didn’t. Here’s my idea:

  • The virus was created by a company who makes bots, and uses throwaway accounts to upload “Modules”, and sells follow bots, here’s my reasoning.

  • The user the “Module” creator was following had nothing special on their profile, except for a few baseplate games I tried out.

  • The followers who followed chromosome_s were obviously bots.

Now, for the most improved part, how to remove viruses.

1. If you spot a virus, do not panic, it’s not worth all the stress, you’ll have it removed in a few minutes.

2. Disable script injection in all plug-ins, and remove untrustworthy ones.

3. Remove any free models, especially ones with “Scripts” or “Module Scripts”

4. Delete the code, and delete the script.

5. You’re all clean!

Did this not work? Try this, but please note it does read some normal scripts as “Viruses”, which is false.

Thanks for your time and attention!