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Evening cookie tech,

Just a quick one not posted in a while but is it possible to say do a command from my roblox game such as /start then it would log it in the discord server and set of a trigger using a group administrations cookie to post a group shout saying something like “EZ / A session is occurring down at the airport come and join!”

I have no possible scripts that I could of though for this so if you know please drop a comment and help me!

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I have actually made this EXACT thing.

I know a plain /groupshout command through roblox, too.

Would you mind helping me produce this?

Well, you first need to follow @Noah’s discord webhook tutorial

  1. I can’t find the video was it taken down?
  2. I know how to set up discord webhooks

Here. How to send messages to discord from roblox with heroku

then u can just make a simple if player chatted the command then

Is there any simpler way? Heroku is confusing

that is the only one. super sorry.

Cause I’m here and confused cookies tutorial looks different

@RealOH20 20chhhhhhhhhh


Okay, now Im stuck on website API how do I make a random string?

type in a random thing that youll remember

In other words, smash your keyboard, copy the string & then keep it private & safe.

I done a really simple one lol but i will remember it

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Whats the command I do in-game?

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may you take over this?

i thought you da basics. lol

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Please read the main post.

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