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I wanna make the promote and demote commands log to discord using proxy webhooks in studios

Alright, so do you already have a server running?

If not you can try using this tutorial.

this is one of my webhooks proxys what i use


yea i alr have them set up and stuff

Did you just expose your webhook security token?

wait nvm i see theres more

i can always delete it

I understand, just want to confirm that with you.

and i will delete that one

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What webserver are you using?

why do you ask lol? [20 character limit is annoying]

So we can interact with the correct endpoint so we can initiate the right code to actually call the discord webhook

Are you using an opensource webserver for this?

yea im not that advanced yet could i just maybe get a premake if possible, i dont do much ngl, i do basics and edit fms with other pieces of code or tutorials

Alright, do you want to try following this tutorial and then I can check in with you after you’ve done that? :slight_smile:

mk ill try [this limit is so annoying]

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done this now what

@Noah i got it to work now what


We can use this script to interact inside of roblox:

local HttpsSerivce = game:GetService("HttpService")
local Server_Url = "" --Put your App_URL here. 
local Api_Key = "df0ef802efm2m8f2e-8f82e8f028mfe-" --API key we made here.
local Complete_Url = Server_Url.. "discord"

local function SendDiscord(DscMsg)
	local Req_Url = Complete_Url .."?Key=" ..Api_Key.. "&Message=" ..DscMsg
	local Request = HttpsSerivce:GetAsync(Req_Url)
	local data = HttpsSerivce:JSONDecode(Request)

SendDiscord("Hello from roblox!") --Send a message, customize by editing the string!

How do we integrate this into roblox do you think??

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