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To buy my GFX designs, you must read and agree to my terms of service first.

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  • I can postpone your order for any valid reason, which may include work from school, home, etc.
  • I can decline your order if you refuse to pay.
  • I can decline your order if you did not read my terms of serivce.
  • I can decline and cancel your order if you communicate rudely with me, whether you payed or not. You must be respectful when it comes to communication. I will not be held responsible for the loss of any Robux if you violated this rule.
  • You cannot copy nor steal my GFX designs as this would be considered pure plagirism and no tolerance will be accepted.
  • Every GFX that I ship to you, the customer, is licensed and credited. You may not remove the crediting on thumbnails only and claim the GFX art is yours, or I will file a DMCA strike against you when I find out. For all my GFX products, you cannot claim that the GFX art is yours.

My prices have been updated as of 07/19/2023. Please view the new pricing below:

Default GFX Package

Standard GFX quality, but no custom background (default is grey/black), and no text. However you may choose the color of the light source.

Price: 120 Robux

Ultra GFX Package

This package will give you the highest quality GFX, custom background (one color), custom light color, but no text.

Price: 150 Robux

True HD GFX Package

This package includes custom wallpaper (1-2 colors), custom lighting, full HDR realism and reflection, and customized text.

Price: 200 Robux

Last Updated: 07/19/2023 — 2:00PM EDT (Canada :canada:)

I would like to see why I should order from you! Why not do it myself for much cheaper?

You can read why down here in my original post:

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