GFX Designer For Hire - Ultra Quality [OPEN]

Hey Cookie Tech!

Older members of this great forum site would probably remember the time when I posted a few of my cool looking GFX designs. Now, I have decided that I would sell some for the community, read on to learn more!

GFX Designs
Now, you may be wondering, “why should I buy a GFX from you?”

Well, the answer is because I strive to make the best GFX possible, and I will never deliver you a low quality GFX, and you can trust this fact by viewing a few of my past GFX designs below. Currently, I’m learning on making some cartoonish GFX designs, but for now I’m making non-cartoonish GFX’s. I firmly believe that I should give users the best quality of a GFX, no matter the pay rate, whether the price was set lower or higher.

GFX Examples
It’s important for you to see how my GFX designs look before you buy, of course, so here are 3 of them below.


This is a GFX of my old ROBLOX avatar, which I will update when I’m finalized with my new avatar style. This one has a really nice orange lighting to it, very nice by just looking at it!


This is another GFX for iy9k. This GFX has an awesome blue tint, I must say … admit it, the lighting is great here.


This is a GFX I made for @25swrld, but of course, this was from a few months ago so his avatar has probably changed since then. As you can see, this has a “zombie” like theme with soft green lighting!


This was a GFX created about 1 month ago. This has multicolor background and awesome fitting text.


This GFX here was my second-most recent one, created for Enzor Airlines. This GFX was made to be both a thumbnail and a logo!

New Designs & Styles

Spring Special



My First GFX

As you can see here, this use to be how I used design my GFX’s …


This GFX here was my first ever GFX created using photoshop and the moon animator plugin in Roblox Studio. This image shows the contrast between my past designs to my present ones

GFX Cost
I believe that prices should be based on the GFX quality and difficulty. As always, I keep them at a really low and reasonable price, and I will never charge more than 5000 for a GFX.

Fixed price is at 140 Robux per GFX at the default quality. However, if your avatar is easy to render there is a possibilty where I may drop the price by 5-10 Robux. If your avatar is complex, don’t worry, I will not increase the price, but if needed some low-visible assets will be removed.

To prevent being scammed, I charge before making a GFX for you.

GFX Quality
I offer different qualities of GFX designs. You may choose to go with the default or other options, also listed here.

If you choose to buy, comment below and we will take this to private messages on the Cookie Forums.

Terms of Service
Please refer to my terms of service post here.

If you want to suggest some improvement which I could implement, comment below as well.

Rate GFX
If you purchased a GFX, you may rate it below. Thanks!

  • Good, but could be better
  • Decent, I am satisfied enough, though it could improve a bit.
  • Excellent, I am very satsified!

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IMPORTANT: I will offer this service to a limit of 3 people at a time because I have other personal matters to deal with. This service will stay open occasionally and may close for things such as holidays. No refunds avaliable.

Last Updated: 2/25/2023 — 3:55pm EST (Canada)

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Also, forgot to mention this, a GFX should take a day to be made at the minimum. The maximum would be one week, though I doubt it will reach to that extent.

Can I see some more examples?

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Can you make group Logo GFX’s?

You can use a GFX for anything basically. Once the GFX is made, you can size it up and upload it as your group icon.

I would like to buy one for my group how should I contact you?

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We will communicate and discuss next steps by private messaging on the Forums.

Very nice work, however do you know how to do backgrounds other than like Gradients/Color + lights background and whatever u call the one under “proof i have improved my gfx designs”

for example can u add like 3D models and stuff in the background?

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That’s what my eventual goal is, to make 3D objects in the background of the scene.

@Kai_thegod1234 Your puchase was successful. GFX will be made when you decide your text :smiley:

Ah I see, just so you know you just have to import your models (can be like .obj) then move them around to fit your liking

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Yep, that’s the plan.

Here’s are some more! This one was a GFX for @Kai_thegod1234 with a double-colored background and character inner glow effects.

Another GFX for @Kai_thegod1234. Made today.

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So nice gfx and stuff but i dont see how this resembles the restaurant in really any way also the meme glasses arent on the eyes lol

This is what the customer requested. The glasses were not alinged that well by default for some reason.

ah i see, they requested a colored background? or can you do like something other for the background?

Yep, he requested the colored background.

Just warning you, you need to fix your watermark, make it cover the whole screen and with less opacity, people can legit just cute off the bottom and it looks the exact same.

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Ngl, you have massively improved though, impressive!

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Thanks, I will make sure to do that!