Groovy: Did YouTube rightfully shut them down?

I am not sure if some of you know, but YouTube has shutdown the popular discord music bot: Groovy.

That process, however, doesn’t sit well with Google, which ordered a cease and desist of Groovy Bot.

There is no word on the fate of similar Discord music bots, including Rythm, Octave, Hydra, and Chip. “We take the rights of others seriously and require developers who create bots for Discord to do the same,” a Discord spokesperson said. “If a bot running on Discord violates someone else’s rights, that third party or Discord may take action.”.

They have also done this as groovy relies a lot on YouTube, and doesn’t pay youtube anything.

And groovy gets profits when YouTube gets nothing even when groovy uses 98% of songs from youtube.

I would like to hear your opinion,

do you think what YouTubedid was fair, or do you think they should have worked it out.

I would love to high your opinion down below:


Maybe it was fair, maybe not, it depends on the developer. For example, if they were asked to give something in return for using YouTube’s music and they didn’t listen, then they rightfully shut them down.


Otherwise, It wouldn’t have been right to shut down Groovy.


I don’t understand when people say that YouTube gets shutdown when I still watch it- Lol

no, youtube forced the popular discord MUSIC bot OFFLINE called “GROOVY”

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the Thing is, its business but at the same time it negatively affected so many people, including myself

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Once again, it is “just a bot”.

Don’t get mad at me for saying that, however, I think YouTube could have worked something else, they could have transferred to just using the Spotify Api.

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Oof. Sad for the devs. I don‘t think the bot should have been shut down.

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Yea I feel bad for the devs as well. They must of worked super hard to make that bot

Fax … it probably took them a while to set up Groovy and make it functional.

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Yep! I am curious of how long it really took them

Maybe about 3 or 5 years, possibly more.

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Yea- possibly. I still feel really bad

OMG! That is a lot of years.

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Well that is a lot of work going in the trash can.

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Crazy how much years wow.

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I know right? It is pretty crazy

It is and it was a lot of hard work

Not 3 or 5 years. Maybe a month or so l, not sure.

They would have made fine tunes sure, but 5 years is toooo much.

Maybe 2-3 months months.

However groovy was essentially stealing from YouTube.

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i personally disagree with this.

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