Hardware bans - Is roblox really doing this?

Hi everyone, Roblox recently got Byfron, one of the leading “anti-hack companies”. Apparently Roblox is banning people so hard that you need to buy a new computer if you get banned from Roblox.

A hardware ban uses specific information unique to your computer to blacklist you from using a system, e.g: Processor identification numbers or something similar to that.

This is a massive deal, much bigger of a deal then an IP ban. Even when your ip changes (Your ip changes by itself every 1-5 days), roblox will still be able to tell it’s you if you get hardware banned.

We first caught info from “RobloxTradingNews” (Twitter)announcing that roblox seems to be hardware banning people.

This is what user countered with, stating that this was not a hardware ban:

It turns out roblox does have hardware bans that are still used but they’re extremely rare. This is something that scares me. If roblox does make hardware bans more serious & after they got Byfron, who may be making things a lot more advanced it’s very easy to get caught.

Half the reason I barely use roblox chat is because the risk of getting caught out is too likely.

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I agree, hardware bans are not at all getting my vote. :no_entry_sign:

If they start using these kind of bans often on even the lightest rule violations, I will certainly disable the chat feature on my account, as it means a lot of time and history to me. I cannot risk losing my account, period.

Roblox is getting too serious with banning users. It would be the end of the world if I were to be hardware banned, for example, due to a false warning.

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I’d rather not have to get a new PC because of a dumb roblox ban. Roblox admins are pathetic, banning people for NO REASON.

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My account got deleted and I got no explanation. When I email them, they just say “the Appeals department has already made a decision”

When I reply back asking what decision, they say “We can’t give you more information about that right now.”

These mods are bots, poorly trained or never heard of Roblox.

I prefer a support team that is actually helpful and not some automated program written in like Lua or something lol


I agree with you, I don’t think half of the moderators even know they’re moderating for a kids platform, the issue is roblox moderators are people who work in bad conditions, most of them are located in India and have very little pay, there is also a major culture difference, in India the cow is seen as holy, that’s why pictures of beef have led to moderation, if the appeals are still handled in India, your appeals obviously going to be denied.

I think roblox just has hired some sub-company to do the moderation for them & this is why it has become so bad, even the ban UI is so outdated it should be modernized.


I feel that Roblox is stepping up their moderation, but not in the right Direction.

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They’re just making more serious punishments, but not changing their reasons or methods.

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Roblox should overhaul their moderation system and make it fair.

Roblox is like there corporations where some guy makes a game, then it gets popular, very popular. Then the creators run away with the money they made and live very wealthy lives without giving a crap about the people or their staff.

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The only way to fix a hardware ban would be to buy a software that can change the id on your computer

I believe hardware bans can’t be easily resolved by installing that kind of software. You’d have to replace entire components of your computer to avoid a hardware ban, which is extremely costly, at that point if you’re hardware banned from your most favorite platform and desperately want to get back in, you’re better off buying yourself a new device.

Hardware can range from a few measly pence to £10K+. Roblox is probably trying to fix up their moderation, but this is in the wrong direction. They should first fix their moderators and they can deal with the hackers later. I don’t mind exploiters as long as my account doesn’t get compromised, some of them actually have fun with their stuff :man_shrugging: it’s like Roblox thinking “all exploiters are bad, begone!”

Yes, my Account name has been “JacobbRomani” for years. When ROBLOX offered the voice chat option and required users to upload their IDs for age verification I was hardware banned and lost my account about 3 months after. Apparently ROBLOX updated their TOS somewhere along the line to not allow users to put their real names as their username. I appealed to no avail, but I was recently un-hardware banned after asking support once more to remove it because it was silly.

Luckily for me this account was not my original account i created over a decade ago, but it had all my robux on it which was a monetary loss for me…

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just use a hwid spoofer but be careful getting one as they are mostly a virus use one like fortnitenitty it can be used for roblox u just need to mod it