Have you ever been hacked?

Have you ever been hacked?


Me, myself, have ALMOST been hacked before!
It was a few months ago, (in February),
when I had premium for around 2 months, weird stuff kept happening.


How I fixed the problem! :smiley:

I kept being logged out and my account was glitching.
I managed to fix the issue, I had to log in and out of my account.
I changed my password and luckily that was the end of it!


I hope this hasn’t happened to you!
But yet AGAIN, thanks for reading this topic and taking your time out of your day to read this!


I have not been hacked before, I use very long and secure passwords and I often try to use 2FA when I can. I also use two services which will create an alias email for me, and the other service will notify me of any breaches associated within my accounts.

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I’ve never been hacked,I got long passwords, 2FA, and the gmail which I use for 2FA has also 2FA (google 2FA).

Hmm can you share what system you use for that alias username?

I think I have, although nothing really happened.

I have made a topic on it about a month back here, where I explain what program I use for an alias email.

sorry for bumping

But last year late Christmas I got hacked by someone saying that they would make me a GFX. As me not thinking that they could hack me they did, they hacked me from saying that I go to inspect element and told me to download a HAR file. I did that and then gave them the HAR file and got hacked.

Yup, that’s an easy one to fall for.

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I have never been hacked. I put 2fa and long passwords on everything.

Same I’ve never been hacked and I also have 1password.

I have never ever been hacked. but you always got to THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK!!! That is important because one misclicked and your cookie logged. And boom all your passwords and info are gone pretty much. I also don’t download things from places I don’t trust, so thats how I make sure I have never been hacked. I feel like most people really get hacked for doing these things.

I’ve never been hacked, hope to keep it that way.

I’ve got 2FA on EVERYTHING, and secure passwords.

Too bad 2FA can’t really do anything against cookie logging.


I don’t know if this would be considered a “hack,” but I did notice a month back that someone ended up logging into my main Gmail account, at least that’s what it was showing me, and this was really scary, as that was technically my main email account registered with a lot of important websites.

Thankfully, though, I immediately logged that device out and no damage was done. From then onwards I put a super long and complex password that I could remember in order to prevent any unauthorized logins.

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What do you mean? If someone has your password thru cookie logging don’t they still need 2FA to get in?

no, if you have someones cookie, 2FA doesn’t do anything. kinda scary

no cookies can log u in without doin crap

look: Screencastify

hey dude, i saw ur cookie for a split second. need to fix that.

oh, pls dont hack me

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