Hiring someone to do points auto ranking

I need someone to do points auto ranking. I will pay you 200 robux.

Please change the category to #collaboration-portfollio.

And, also, can you provide some examples?

Like if the point is to 200 it will rise to the next rank

I can do that, how about R$400? Talk to me in dms.

I can do it for 200, as long as you have a ranking service already set up. If you do, feel free to DM me at cam.#0771.

I have 249 robux, but I have a premium waiting for my premium robux to enter.

What about patrick’s guide? Can I use it for ranking service, because he does tutorials.

I don’t know about ranking service

Likely so- otherwise you can use RoScripters tutorial.

For in -game scripts?


I’m sorry? (Twenty char)

DO NOT use roscripters tutorial, it is un-safe, people can steal your cookie as glitch is NOT a host and an IDE. I don’t want to be selfish but your best bet is using my tutorial here.

RoScripter is very well known and it’s taught me a lot-

Just check the code when you write it.

I’ve followed all the tutorials from you, so how does he want to setup my github?

Sorry to say this, but RoScripter is not secure.

Evidence: If I go to https://glitch.com click the search button & look up roblox ranking. I can see all the projects and there files. You can only hide a project if you pay for it. The bot also goes offline in 30 minutes on glitch as it is not on a server. There is also no error detection or API KEY security.

And if you go to this glitch link, you can see every project ever made that hasnt been private by people who pay $5 a month.

However my server is secure nobody can see your code or cookie & the server is up 24/7 for free. Never ever ever ever ever host bots on websites such as https://repl.it or https://glitch.com unless you have the premium pass. Those websites are online substitutes for software such as VS code.

Just ignore ro-scripter and start from the very beginning of my tutorial fresh start.

Okay. I want to buy points auto rankinf