How to check and remove viruses from your game!

Hey there Cookie Tech, and I’m back with another tutorial on how to check for viruses and to delete them.

Here, we have a model of a Roblox Statue from free models.
NOTE: The game was NOT run and was controlled, Also the ‘Server’ script is a Rojo test.

Not every virus can be seen immediately by just looking at the model.
Click the arrow to see what’s inside


Ah yes, the common fake 'anti-lag script’.

Let’s see what’s inside. Double click on the script.

What does this code do?

It spams a folder called “POO”. This is an alternative to the while true do loop.
It will spam creating a folder and will cause your PC to crash, since Studio cannot process too much information.

Well, we got a problem. Let’s delete it!

Hope the tutorial helped, if you think a script is dodgy, just delete it!

See you in the next one,

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