World Wide Script Library - Cool open source projects for roblox

Hello, Cookie Tech!

Today, I am presenting the WWSL - created by myself (@peter) with the help of other wonderful creators. Please enjoy this resource - and hopefully you’re able to find the scripts you need on the WWSL.


Any scripts located below are part of a collaborative “script library” and those added by other users, may contain “viruses” be careful - if you find a “virus” refer to this post.

Car (with suspension)

Script author: Suphi Kaner
Date released: 14th April, 2022
Programs: Roblox Studio and Roblox
Tutorial/script: Cars With Suspension - Roblox Scripting Tutorial - YouTube

Roblox Importer (also known as RBLX-importer)

Script author: @Deleted_User5
Date released: 28th May 2022
Programs: Roblox Studio
Tutorial/script: GitHub - DavidTDC3377/rblx-importer: A simple module to import specific Roblox-related libraries.

Rbx+ (a.k.a. Rbx-plus)

Script author: @Deleted_User3 & David Studios (roblox group // website)
Date released: 27/08/2022
Programs: Roblox Studio and Roblox
Tutorial/script: here

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This is now a wiki - please use proper formatting.


Hmm… seems like good scripts. Might use them

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Please use the WWSL to give free scripts, it is not meant as advertising and should not be used as so.

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Who are you replying to? @Deleted_User5 is a removed account and you created to original topic … ?

The old account is David, he broke multiple rules, however he added “Non-Free” scripts to the list.


Hmmm… @peter

Want to make this a ROBLOX STUDIO plugin with me?

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I’d be down, could you send me a PM? :grin:

(post deleted by author)

Bumping so you can get these projects.

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Please do not delete other users scripts to place yours.

@Deleted_User3 You deleted my script, listen to peter’s message.

Wikis should NOT be used to remove ANYTHING that someone else wrote, only cookie, 25, and other leaders + cam should do that.

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Exactly - as @Deleted_User13 stated, only moderators or other permitted staff members should remove anything from a wiki- if you think a part of the wiki is inappropriate, flag the post - we’ll delete that part.

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@Deleted_User3 Stop removing other users scripts.

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@Deleted_User3 read the message linked.

Who deleted my project? I will be watching this post.

This issue has been resolved.


Could I add my script back?

Yes you should be able to.

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