Image webwook at roblox?

So, I’m making an advanced anti-cheat. My question is, is there any way to make that, when a player is kicked/banned for different reasons of exploits or harrassment, it takes like a screenshot and send it to discord with a webhook? I think it’s possible, as I’ve seen some FPS games that has last kill replay, such as COD Mobile, but the replay is slow, like 5-10 fps per second. Anyways, it’s possible?

No, I do not think this is possible. The Roblox application cannot take a screenshot of your screen because it does not have permission to. Even if someone could manage to do it, it could possibly become a violation of user privacy in some ways if it malfunctions for instance.

I don’t think it can take a screenshot although you can upload a webhook saying their user and other information. Here’s my tutorial, if that helps!

Yeah but, What if it takes a screenshot of the game? Not your screen. Like ingame, for example when you use The command “:view”, something like that and sends it. Are you sure it’s not possible?

That changes the position of your camera, you need a screenshot. Its very unlikely that it is possible to rise a screenshot, although perhaps it would with a different website.

An admin would always need to be in the game in that case, or maybe a bot which has perfect AI to do it (or script).