iOS v Android // Who is the best?

iOS vs Android
Who is the better operating system?

:wave: Hello, Cookie Tech community! Today, I thought that I should start a debate on who you think the better operation system is.

:question: For those of you who don’t know, the two major operating systems (iOS and Android) are both featured in major flagship phones.

:apple: iOS is owned by Apple and is still in use throughout their new phones.

:game_die: Android was created by Google and isn’t just used in their phones, also many others (Samsung, Motorola, Nokia etc…)

:iphone: For many years, there has been constant backlash between people who use either system. Overall, nobody really knows who is better!

:computer: So, drop your messages below and lets see who is really the true fan favorite.

:iphone: Who is better?
  • :apple: Apple
  • :game_die: Android
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(please keep all the replies respectful and kind, no matter who you think is better).

in terms of my personal fave - IOS
android is much more customizable and you can make custom ROMS off it because it is more open source
its a tough one really

Honestly, iOS due to its sleek design, easy to-navigate system. But, got nothing against android as that has way more customization.

While I feel there are some pros to Android, I’ve personally used iOS all the time and so I’m more comfortable around their UIs; I’m more familiar with it. Android excels in customization, but aside from that, I’d rather go for iOS as I believe it triumphs over Android in most places except for customization (hopefully iOS 18 will balance that out, though!)

iOS is objectively the better choice for most users. Reasons for this include ease-of-use, animations, security, and support for updates on iPhones for years and years to come. Notice how people only upgrade their iPhones every five years or so, but other phones don’t always hold up as well as Apple’s.

In addition, Apple is known for the quality of their products, so you never have to worry about any real issues when using them.

Surely this is less secure. With the addition of more customization and more features in WWDC, I think IOS is a no-brainer .

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yeah ios has more security,
but i see alot of people on tiktok making custom ROMS that look pretty cool, but android has more vulnerability

heck it! wheres the both option?