myVIP -- A new system replacing the roblox VIP system

Psst… This isn’t out yet. Keep hyped!


myVip is the next VIP system for roblox.

Why did I make this?

Following the recent update, I believe roblox should not remove these important features.
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How does this work?

myVIP will have a “join ID”

When inserting the joinID, you will be send to the server needed.

API Docs

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Want to help support myVIP with development? Ask to become a developer via Cookie Tech DMs.

Github coming soon.


#1 - Appropriate JoinIDs

The plan is to filter the IDs, and find a JoinID that is both, appropriate and not in use.


Keep an eye on this post for more information.

myVIP is owned by Latte Development

Seems like this was heavily inspired of this stream, that was privated as it got heavily off-topic.

Is this going to be another non-completed project or will this be something that you actually do work on?

I didn’t even realize that you made that.

I am going to be working on it actively. :slight_smile:

Please read this, it’s kind of old, but I still agree with it.


Mhm… Is this even out yet?

myVIP coming very very soon I have taken a while to get amazing features done, and make an amazing UI. Thank you everybody!

myVIP will not be open sourced, there will also be a premium feature to unlock all the APIs.

When will it be out?

Maybe a few months. I will struggle a bit, with my physical health.