Roblox VIP servers are now ruined

As you may know, earlier on we have a game night, when I sent out the link for the first time, I thought everybody would be able to join, however this is what users received on join:

Because of this I have to friend everybody I wanted to be able to join, which is not only a pain but also wastes gametime.

VIP servers are servers, which you can pay for, that allow users to have their own private server, commonly they’re used between people and friends so they can have a good time on themselves, however, it’s also commonly used by YouTubers to play with fans.

Due to a recent update, Roblox no longer makes this possible.

Even kreekcraft has made a public video about, this.

You used to be able just to create a “share” link and then anybody could join your VIP server , which made it easier for YouTubers and alike.

It seems Roblox has made it that to join VIP servers no matter which method you join, you must be a friend with the owner of the VIP server. I can’t even list how stupid this is.

Hopefully this is something to revert, this a terrible idea. I don’t even know why you would do something like this.

What do you think roblox should do?


Yep, I’ve been aware of this change … it’s horrible for popular Roblox players like KreekCraft.

First off, you have to be friends with anyone who wants to join a private server, which is already a pain for YouTubers or other popular users who are being followed by their fans, etc.

In wake of this change, I’m almost certain games will start creating their own VIP server system, similar to how the developers of ER:LC managed to do it.

At the same time I’m also trying to make a custom VIP server system, because this change my Roblox for default private servers is just ruining the purpose of having one in the first place.

This doesn’t affect me too much, since I don’t have a hoard of players following me around games. Plus, I only use private servers to play with my friends, but just hearing about the change shows me how painful it is for popular users on Roblox.

Just use a VIP server link.

@Sam-Happyshot10 This is what this entire post is complaining about?