Name/group name glitches

Does anyone know some interesting (working) glitches for usernames and group names?

Example: Invisible Group name, Usernames exceeding 20 characters.

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There’s this, but I don’t suggest using it to copy groups.

Ah yes, Unicode.

Are all the invisible/corrupt Unicode strings still banned? Or are there still some tha still remain?

The one I used should work, don’t quote me on that though.

Thanks, it seems like it should work, although I’ll test it to make sure.

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Does anyone know a way to add numbers to group rank names?


1 | Rankname
2 | Rankname
3 | Rankname

Yes, simply add them in like that.

It dosnt work. It filters it.

Odd considering a lot of strange Unicode doesn’t get filtered, but it does make sense. Who knows though, maybe one day we’ll find just the right string.

Edit: Oops wrong reply LOL sorry.

That’s only with safechat I believe.

Hmmm. Ok. Thanks for letting me know. The group is owned by a holder account but I might of messed up the age on it.

You should be able to check if the account has safechat as it will display either <13 or 13+ next to the username.

Probably. Not really sure how you mess up something huge like that though.

Haha. I made it a very long time ago, and had robux on the alt so I decided to make a group.

Once again if you id verify, your age is reset to the appropriate age.