OH20 - UI/UX Designer | Exceptional (2024)

OH20’s UI/UX Portfolio! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome back to my commissions, the 2024 edition! Here, I’m offering my advanced and professional UI/UX design services to the community of Cookie Tech and all developers looking for someone to hire for UI design! I create eye-catching interfaces with precision and neatness using styling techniques that I’ve learned over the past 3 1/2 years of UI design on Roblox, while also practicing front-end design on real-world modern websites. Keep it mind that, at the moment, I’m not offering UI tweening or scripting. Other than that, have fun seeing my UIs below! (The 2021-2023 portfolio can be found here)

UI/UX Samples :eyes:

Modern UI (General) 🧩
Modern-Cartoonish 😜

Billboards UI

Cash UI

Gamepasses UI

Skins UI

Modern-Fantasy 🐲

Sunscreen UI

Weapons UI

Modern-Battles ⚔

This was a small commission where I was tasked with creating a loading interface and topbar health display for a game called “Hardcore Battlegrounds!” See the UIs below;

Loading UI

Health UI
Screenshot 2023-11-06 192429

Modern UI (Roleplay) 🚘

Topbar Menu UI

Quick Glance UI

Speedometer UI

Modern UI (Nations) 🌎
Trading UI 🤝

Trading UI (+Notification)

Diplomacy UI 🫡

Diplomacy/Country Statistics UI

Warfare UI 💣

Battle UI (+Notification)
RobloxScreenShot20220424_182948165 (1)

Simulator UI 🐶

These were created sometime around November 2021, but I completely forgot to upload them. So here they are! These can be used in obbies as well, it just requires a bit of tweaking.

General Interface

Inventory Interface

Redeem Interface

In-Game Shop Interface

Obby UI 🦘

Topbar UI

In-Game Shop UI

Donate UI

Fantasy UI 🐉

Main Interface (Japenese)

Overhead Interface

Doors UI 🚪

This is a fairly recent commission. The task was to recreate a similar UI to the popular Roblox game, “Doors” by LSplash. I managed to recreate some interfaces that look exactly like Doors’ interfaces, but better! Check them out below.

Loading Menu UI

Gamepass Shop UI

Developer Credits UI


As SCPs have been a growing trend, I decided to create SCP UI! Some of these images are from recent commissions.

Loading UI

Credits UI

Shop UI

Slots UI

Important Information :mega:

  • This is not collaborative work, as I created these entirely on my own!

  • I’m not offering UI tweening or scripting, my job here is to design the UI. You will have to do the scripting part by yourself or separately hire a scripter.

  • I will always ensure that all interfaces are properly named for ease of scripting and self-editing.

  • Nothing is refundable, so please ensure you’re content with the UI beforehand.

UI Copyright ©

  • I’m unable to add licenses to your own UI work. If you ever want to license your work for whatever reason, please see to it yourself.

  • However, you cannot copyright any UIs which I’ve made without informing me beforehand, along with my explicit approval.

Requested Pay :moneybag:

  • Mini UI Package (0-5 Frames) — 5,000 Robux
  • Regular UI Package (5-10 Frames) — 10,000 Robux
  • Mega UI Package (10+ Frames) — 20,000 Robux / Contact Me

Terms of Service :scroll:

  • I have the right to terminate your request if you attempt to scam me, whether it’s rude communication or faking a UI request.

  • Should it happen that I must take a break from offering UI services after you’ve sent a design request, you must inform me whether you’d be content with waiting (until I resume) or find another UI designer.

  • I have the right to terminate your request if you are impatient for no valid reason and if I deem your communication to be rude or disrespectful.

  • Please don’t disturb me if I have not responded to your request within 72 hours, otherwise feel free to remind me after that period!

  • You must credit me for my products and you cannot claim it as your own.

  • I will not be held responsible for the loss of any Robux if any of these terms are violated after or before purchase.

  • Attempting to loophole these terms of service will result in the denial of UI services, if deemed necessary by myself.

Let’s Get In Touch! :speech_balloon:

  • Discord: “real_oh20”
  • CT Forums: @OH20_rbLX
  • Roblox: “OH_202020”
:bell: I will take two orders at a time as I have other matters to take care of as well. You may see the title of this topic occasionally change to “CLOSED” or “ON HOLD.”
Last Updated: June 3rd, 2024 - (Canada) :maple_leaf:
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Welcome To My 2024 UI/UX Showcase! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Greetings! This is where I’ll be showcasing my UI/UX work, in this all-new 2024 UI/UX portfolio! I hope you enjoy looking through my projects.

  • Some changes from my old topic include some compressed images (some images shouldn’t take as long to load in now, or eat up data), clarification on my ToS and important notices, slight changes to format, and lastly some new UI samples!

  • On a side note, a few of these UIs still need to be uploaded, so stay tuned for those! There will also be some major sales coming up soon- I mean, nothing to see there, just don’t miss out! (:eyes:)

  • Lastly, I’m in the process of setting up a website and a Discord server to efficiently run my UI and GFX services — on top of that, revamping my main portfolio page here on the CT Forums — so that’s something to look forward to as well! :exploding_head:

Amazing portfolio! Have you thought about making a website for it aswell? It would look amazing on that.

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Yep, I’ve definitely given it a thought! I’m currently working on designing a website where I can showcase my UI and GFX projects.