[OPEN] Hiring Military Theme Builder

I’m hiring military theme builder to my British Army Group, either it’s short-term or long-term, if anyone interested can contact me on discord JW#8039
If anyone wanna talk about price, can chat me there, thank you.

If anyone of you ever know like Sharkuses Sandhurst Military or Fort Martin or similar to this two kind of game, I want something like that. If it can be more realistic, that’s better. Low Poly is my last option, so I prefer realistic. More realistic = you can give me more price. I hope you can open the references games to see clearly the concept that I want.

For payment I can do in Robux or Paypal, but if you want to do another type of payment, we can talk about it on discord.

P.S : For British Army Military Theme group.

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Maybe put some more detail into your post? Perhaps include a bit of payment, examples, and a bit more information on the task.

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Military themed? I dont quite understand. Do you mean realistic, low poly?

I write the info about price can be talk on private, means discord

Hey i already edit the topic to be little bit more details.

Hey! Saturn could probably find you one!