Opinions on windows 11?

Alright people, it’s here, the new edition of windows!

Windows 11 has officially been released on the 5th October 2021 and will be rolled out to all Windows 10 devices for a free upgrade by mid 2022.

I am going total over the benefits of windows 11 and the issues with it.

Windows 11 has many changes to previous versions of windows and it has underdone a serious re-design. Personally I think this UI looks very realistic, user friendly & a new sleek and modern look.

Now the tabs all have fancy rounded edges to tip it off.

Starting off with a good note, the new search bar of the windows 11 is incredibly fast, so you will have no delay while windows is searching your pc.

Pinning apps to your start should be more simplistic now too.

Folders at the current moment seem to work exactly like the files in windows 10.

Microsoft says they will be removing folders completely on the final release.

And yeh, the new taskbar is cantered, which at the moment is not my favourite look, however it could benefit.

However rich clicking on the taskbar no longer show you any windows controls or toolbars to play with. And you also can’t change the location of your taskbar.

You can also customize integrated windows 11 features such as the team app and widgets panel.

But with all good things there’s a bad side, speaking of the widget panel, they made a big deal about it and tried to make it seem as if it was a big deal. But it’s not really that useful. By default you just have weather, money sports & news. But most people won’t use Microsoft services won’t use it, the widget bar only allows Microsoft services to be used on it.

At the current time their is also no place to get widgets from.

So the only way to manage your interests is to use msn. Hopefully Microsoft will allow third party widgets in the near future, I would find this useful for apps such as discord otherwise I find this feature pretty darn useless.

The notification centre.

(This thing)

has taken a major change, from bulky it has developed to become a sleek and fresh design.

Using stacked cards which can be exited out off.

These custom controls which used to be located here.


Have now been moved to the same area of the network and audio control which basically acts as the system tray.

(Old System Tray)


(New system tray)


The new system tray is now called the “taskbar corner”.

You can also control what appears here, like if you want to hide the Flight Mode button or not.

Unlike windows 10 right-clicking anyway displays a glass shaped UI with more spaced out features.

With a “show more options” to get to the interesting stuff.

Windows 10:

Windows 11:

It’s going to be annoying for people like me who are going to have to constantly press the “show more options button” to access features such as git bash or vs code.

However in the folder app you can right click to open with “windows terminal” to open the directory of the item you clicked on.

Having a more organised tabs bar in order to swap in-between different instances of the PowerShell.

You can also open your own instances of different shells.

In windows 11 most advanced features are hidden between a

Advanced options button

Or a “see more” button.

Most folder controls from windows 10 are also available in windows 11.

Windows 11 also has a compact view mode in order to make touch inputs easier.

Ok this is a big no-no for me. These new folder icons… are really not doing it for me.

There’s a lot more things I could go on at this point, but I don’t want to bore you anymore, this is what I have to say…

Should I download windows 11?

Well, it depends, if your ready to adapt to the new UI, and you aren’t to bothered by the new features I would say when your possible to upgrade I would say go for it.

However if you want to stick with windows 10, don’t despair, Microsoft has confirmed that they will keep windows 10 maintained and updated until 2025.

Thanks for reading!

I would love to hear your opinions down below, will you be getting windows 11? I know I will be upgrading! :orangutan:

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I’m not sure- I’ll have to see when I can update my software as I have a windows 10.

I got windows 11 I had to use a patch to bypass the TPM thing

I would not use the patch to bypass the TPM thing-.

It can risk driver updates and stuff.

You should only upgrade from windows 10 if you have used the check app.


I really like windows 11. It’s a big movement from windows 10 which was pretty much the same thing as windows 7 but with a better ui lol. Personally I will not be upgrading to windows 11 at the moment as I have plans to acquire a new PC and if I do, I will be upgrading on that. My friends however have upgraded to windows 11. As for right now, I’m good with windows 10

The thing is the majority of people cannot upgrade to Windows 11 unless you tweak your computer a bit. Plus you will have to be forced to either quit using Windows or buy a new laptop in about 4 years from now. Windows 10 will come to an end at that time, according to a bunch of blog posts.

Well, people still use windows 7, it’s just that in 2025, windows 10 wont be upgraded, you can still use it though.

Also, most computers in 4 years from here will be weak.

Yeah well one of the oldest computers in my home still uses Windows 7 lol

And I suppose it can still do a few things?

a new motherboard that has a TPM cost to much

If it costs more than a laptop then you can just buy a new laptop instead …

Looks cool! I like it.

Yes, but it gets a lot of fake anti-virus “click now to fix” notifications and it has a very old intel core. Windows Updater doesn’t work on it, the only way to install windows 10 would be to force install via a USB drive.

What will Windows 10 users do after 2025 though? About half of everyone using Windows 10 will probably need a new computer/PC.

Most tech in 2025 built now will be very outdated.

Look how fast tech is advancing, It feels like HD was yesterday, now we’re on 4k.

The rate of text improving is insane.

Also things like M1, I9 just released like a year ago and now we have one of the most powerfully consumer chips available.

And I mean most computers that were recent to the “windows 10” era should have a TMP 2.0 Chip.

Also, after windows 10 isn’t discontinued, means it wont die.

Windows 7 was discontinued on January 14, 2020, it’s still working decently.

So you know, when windows 10 has dies, lot’s of things have changed.

we are on 8k! it is insane

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wow, but it is funny the max resolution is 1080p