Promote Command

I followed Heroku and the ranking github thing. But it didn’t work! I tried RoUtilities for it too. Please make the promote command without glitches. Then it would be eaiser!

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Hi there,

Please be aware that the system does not have glitches, this just means you’ve done something wrong in the process.

Could we see your Heroku logs?

Please also read this:

Free ranking no longer avaliable

How to do that? I also used glitch, roscripters tutorial! I just have bad luck :frowning:

DO NOT use glitch, it’s an IDE, NOT a hosting site, your cookie will most likely be leaked with Glitch. I suggest taking it down.

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RoScripter said it’s fine… Lemme tell you how much things I failed in using Ranking Center: Glitch, Heroku, RoUtilities. THE BEST RANKING CENTER

Roscripter never said it was safe or fine, he just used the tutorial. @25swrld You have something on this?

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Wait a second. You know RoScripter?

That’s beside the point, I wouldn’t host it on glitch, if this solves your question mark it as soloution!

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Glitch is sus. It can be find the key easily right?

Thanks! :partying_face: This really helped!!!

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