Promotion Bot and Video Support

Is there a way to add promotion command’s to your game? I watched the video with github too.


I have 2 question’s please, actually.
1) So, I found out the ranking command’s and I downloaded that game, is there. a way to put it with the game I already have?
2) I tried promotion a user and it isn’t working for some reason, I did all the step’s.
Please reply soon!

Uhhhh yes there is I’m not expert with that you need to program a bot, something similar as a ranking centre but modify it and make it with the command, you can also do that at discord

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  1. just copy the scripts and make it your own API and put it in ur game
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  1. I don’t know,maybe share the scripts?
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Can we stop making unnecessary posts, “Sorry I don’t know”. Alright, yes you can insert it into any game, please follow the tutorial.

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Follow part 1:

Ranking center cookie tech - YouTube

Then follow part 2:

Roblox Tutorial - How to make promote & demote commands - YouTube

I did. It didn’t work.

How come? What doesn’t work?

It say’s, “We can’t promote this user.”

Is, there a way to put in my own game?

Can we see the server logs?

Could you script it for me?

No, you could just insert the files into your game.

Ok, but I don’t know why it’s working for me. I did everything you told me todo in the video.

It works for everyone else, this means your doing something wrong,

can we see your server logs?

can we see your server logs on heroku?

Ok. I can send the script I have.

No, I need to see the server logs…

My heroku stuff? Sure.