Quiz Center Bot not Ranking after passing

Really? Could you explain why?

You don’t need a VPN, it invalidates the cookie, just make sure the Heroku is in the same continent as you.


Ohh, ok thanks!!! :smiley:

Worked! Removed my VPN haha! Thanks so much.

Does that mean the ROBLOX security thing is solved?

I just removed my VPN and went into incognito, got the cookie, pasted it in, and it worked, so not sure.

It’s been solved forever, people just don’t seem to follow instructions. :open_book:, please follow instructions carefully before, as we stated you need to make sure that your heroku server is in the same continent as you, therefore if your using a vpn to be in germany, when you heroku server is in the USA, your not in the same continents therefore the cookie is going to invalidate.

So I should be able to get a cookie in an incognito window every time now?

Yes & it’s been like that for a very very long time now, refer to Roblox Update - ALL bots are broken!? - Development - Cookie Tech (thecookie.dev)

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