Roblox Update - ALL bots are broken!?

Hello and welcome back to part 99 of me screaming about roblox updates.

So I am certain most people are aware of what “Rank Bots” are. Let me give you a quick explanation:

These bots can be remotely logged in via a cookie (a unique key) & then we can perform actions through this bot.

Now, let’s go through this step by step, to log into an account without the password, you need something called a “cookie”.

A cookie looks something like this:


(Yeh, it’s very long)

Now, when we create bots we use a cookie to log in to our bot account, then we perform actions in the bot’s name, such as promoting demoting accepting and exiling users.

Roblox recently pushed out an issue that made it so that cookies automatically stop working when logged in from a different location.

Now, this is a big issue. Let me explain…

When running the code that controls your bot you run it on something called a “Server”. A server is basically a computer in a different location.

Let’s say me (@Noah) created a bot called “CookieTechIsEpic” while being in the UK with an IP of 12.345.67.89 , then get the cookie to put inside of my code: So that my code can control the bot.

Now, your server will never have the same IP as you (unless you self host, which hardly anybody does).

Then I put my cookie inside some code running on my server.

Now my server has an ip of which is different to my ip of 12.345.67.89.

(Canadian flag for @25swrld)

Now roblox goes “oh-no, the cookie was created on a different location and the cookie is trying to be logged in on a IP that isn’t the same, let’s stop them from using the cookie!”.

Now this is not good as I want to be logged in so my bot works!

Roblox probably added this feature as a “security” feature to prevent cookie loggers from working.

However this has broke ranking services, websites and many other things that use good roblox bots.

This makes me very angry as it stops my tutorial from working.

Keep in mind if your followed our tutorial on how to make a ranking bot it won’t work at this current time.

I will keep you all updated!

However all jokes aside (and my terrible drawing) :crossed_fingers: roblox get’s this fixed.

I really don’t want to see tons of services, solo developers have projects ruined.

What are your opinions on this (feel free to take your rage out)?

I hope this get’s fixed soon too,

@Noah :anger:


Watch the video here:

Roblox News - Most Roblox bots are broken - YouTube

Nooooo!! :frowning: I am sad…

Roblox is delivering very bad updates these days, and this is an issue for a lot of people.

I know right… the audio, now this…

They have fixed this. My shout bot is working fine now.

Epic, let me try it out now…

Doesn’t work for me, are you hosting it on a server?

I don’t think so.

Are you running it on your computer or somewhere else?

Somewhere else.

If you don’t mind me asking, where are you hosting?

Mythical Services I think-

Do you know what country that’s located in?

If I had a guess probably the U.S. but I don’t know.

Hmm, I think they’re rolling the feature back slowly, I’ll see in the morning…

Alright, it seems like they’re rolling back, we’ll keep you updated!

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Here is some news:



Another update:


(I set it up) We are using mythical services by Kaden, but it is practically the same as Heroku but you can change the group shout and exile people in game.