Rbx+ // A new admin system for Roblox


Rbx-plus (stylised as Rbx+) is a new admin system created by me and my team over at David Studios. Our admin system is different than other admin scripts as we give:

  • Quick & helpful support team
  • Assistance in setting up Rbx+ into your game(s)
  • A simple quick-start guide on how to use Rbx+‘s commands.

Getting Rbx+

As of 27th August 2022, Rbx+ is in a BETA stage and users who would like to use Rbx+ must register their interest in the product.

If you’d like to register, please click here.


If you’d like to help Rbx+ or David Studios projects, you can message me on the forums or email me

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What’s the point of all of these admin systems, there are already so many, why pick yours?

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Could you show up some images while it’s in Beta?

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Reasons are on the post and we are making an admin system that actually can be used by users with ease.

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omg davidstudios.co.uk isn’t even a website WOWEOWOWOWWO

Hosting provider hates me.
Thanks for letting me know, I’ll get it sorted with them.

The david studios website isn’t looking good…