Roblox Emote Profile Picture

Ok, so to do this, I have some code to put into console on your profile.

// doing ajax because easy csrf handling w/their middleware lol
  method: "POST",
  url: "",
  contentType: "application/json",
  data: JSON.stringify({
    "camera": {
        // Ranges are inclusive.
        "distanceScale": 2, // 0.5 to 4
        "fieldOfViewDeg": 30, // 15 to 45
        "xRotDeg": 0, // -20 to 20
        "yRotDeg": 0 // -60 to 60
    "emoteAssetId": 0, // emote asset id
    // idleAnimationAssetId used to exist here, it has since been removed.
    "thumbnailType": 1 // 1 = Closeup (headshot), 2 = FullBody (bodyshot). Closeup and FullBody can have different configurations.

Now, refresh the page after you do what the stuff says, and boom!

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Did you write this? This is pretty cool.

He didn’t, someone from Twitter did.

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My only question is, why would someone use this, as opposed to the following?

This is local though, so nobody else can see it (i think)

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It’s useless, only you can see this.


no… i have done it and other ppl can see it

thats an admin’s account i believe.

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That’s false, also - you can’t change it back to normal.

Wow…… glad I didn’t do it :grinning:

You should not attempt this. Roblox hasn’t even released this fully yet and this is, in a way, teaching users how to bypass that and get access to it earlier.

Most of the roblox API is un documented and roblox doesn’t really release any updates about the API, it’s not necessarily risky, but it shouldn’t be something you’re playing around with.

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In the chance you accidentally did it and you want to reset you can use the following data:

 "distanceScale": 1.3, // 0.5 to 4
    "fieldOfViewDeg": 45, // 15 to 45
    "xRotDeg": -5, // -20 to 20
    "yRotDeg": 0 // -60 to 60

It’s not perfect, but, it’s very close to normal.

my post is getting a t t e n t i o n

btw, you just proved urself wrong lol

It’s not perfect though, it wont ever be the exact same.

No, he didn’t. That code merely tries to bring your avatar to its regular pose, however, you can never restore the exact original avatar posing.

If you tried to use console to put the original pose, you’ve literally corrupted the posing and that code @Noah provided will try to re-pose the avatar so that it’s close to normal.

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Wait until they actually release it!