Roblox is making big changes

Expanding upon You can swear in Roblox now?.

Okay, so early on today 25 was talking about how swearing might become a reality on Robloz.

I would like to expand and state that they are going to be multiple guideline changes that may come to Roblox.

From these two credible sources this is what they stated:

To be honest, I can’t see Roblox like this as it completely goes against the roblox trailers and all of the advertising.

But if this does go ahead, Robles is going to be really really strong with the borders that they have in between on the 13 above 13 and below 18+ as you don’t want them mixing together.

Personally, I think this may benefit Roblox, however, it must be executed very carefully.

What are your opinions on this?