You can swear in Roblox now?

Greetings Cookie Tech community.

Incase you haven’t heard. Bloxy News, a reliable and trusted news source for all things Roblox just posted a tweet today. And to some, it’s shocking:

That’s right. Depending on the age rating of the game Roblox games will now allow things such as swearing, dating, gambling and alcohol reference/use.

To some people this is shocking but keep in mind. This stuff was already happening via voicechat in basically every game that supported voice chat.

I feel like Roblox is starting to realize that their main player base from the main eras have grown up and they’re trying to grow up with them by pushing out voicechat and now this.

At first I didn’t see a need for this to be added to Roblox because let’s be real, there is no need.

However I soon came to realize that if games are heavily moderated and restricted then this can open the door to more spaces for adults (I presume) to enjoy their own spaces away from a crowd of kids and they can interact more meaningfully.

Now it can be argued that this shouldn’t be in a kids game but in all honesty Roblox isn’t much of a kids game anymore. Of course it’s main player base is kids and a lot of popular games are directed towards kids however there is a large and growing part of Adults that are playing Roblox and if moderated properly and upheld with standards so that kids aren’t able to get access. These spaces might have a potential for something bigger. Who knows, Roblox could be the next VR chat but better?

Let me know what you think of this.

please keep in mind that this is new news and the story and scene behind this is all still being unwrapped slowly, we don’t know how,when,where this update will take place nor do we know how it will be moderated so take everything here with a grain of salt because like other Roblox updates teased before. This one may never even come out

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Wow, crazy quick change to. I don’t know how this will change the platform but we’ll see. I mean VC is basically unmoderated so I’m not sure if this will make a major difference. I’m not sure if you could see Roblox not as a kids game though, there is still a major intake of young player every year.

As proven in the most popular games BrookHaven & Adopt me.

I don’t know what bloxfruits is, but this may be the older players of Roblox starting to make their presence known.

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This update is very controversial, it really depends on the player. But don’t get me wrong, this is a huge shift for Roblox in lots of bad ways, with little positive points to it … I don’t even know what’s so “good” about players being able to talk about this content in the chat when VC is already unmoderated.

As a person who isn’t committed to swearing nor has interest in any of this content, I find this an unwise move by Roblox. Because, if Roblox VC exists and it’s unmoderated and Roblox knows it, then why allow this to happen in the chat? Is there any point at all? Is there even any benifit associated with letting players talk about these sensitive subjects, other than for … I don’t know, “self-entertainment?” I don’t think so.

After holding up all these “policies” they’re pretty much giving up on them and saying, “you know what, let’s just allow this to happen.” Yes, Roblox’s players are aging, and while I’m aware people 18+ do talk about these subjects and certain cultures don’t forbade it, Roblox didn’t even seem to fully consider its full-scaled impacts.

I can go on and on and the list never ends, there are a lot of problems associated with letting 18+ players talk about these sensitive topics on a virtual gaming platform that still has a decent chunk of young players on it.

Let me provide an example. What if, for any reason, a >18 year old player manages to read these potentially innapropriate conversations, whether it’s due to a bug or mistaken age settings? This will have a major impact on their lives depending on what content they hear, see, and experience. And what about religion? Doesn’t religion have its own rules about sensitive topics? Did Roblox take this factor into account as players on the platform have different religious views on sensitive topics and exposure to them?

With that said, I believe this is an generally unwise move by Roblox, this is certainly weighing more towards the negative side of things rather than the positive side of the scale. If VC is already unmoderated, there’s no point in doing the same with chats as a lot can go wrong for the player and Roblox as a company.

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Bloxfruits is a one piece fan game.

They may also just be doing this cuz their chat filters keep crashing.

I haven’t a recorded case of chat filter crashing, can you give examples?

I really like this McDonalds game. BUT every saterday they have to cancel trainings because the chat filter is down. When the chat filter is down, it takes like 5mins for one message to go through.

I don’t think the chat filter goes down, perhaps there are too many players in the server.