Roblox is not going to be hacked - November 9th

It’s time for your yearly episode of…“What’s that rumour!?”, well ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, there has been a recent trend, said to originate from TikTok (infamous for false information).

Many videos with millions of views have claimed that a group of “20 hackers” will be joining your game and hacking roblox, “banning your account” & “hacking your info”, to be straight with you, this is almost impossible. The only way you can ban somebody is by breaching the main roblox administrator tool.

There has only been one recorded incident of a roblox administrator tool breach. Once again, a mass hack of roblox is very unlikely.

Logically, a hacker wouldn’t reveal the dates they’re going to hack roblox & if they did, they would obviously want money or have some type of threat, hackers don’t cause mass issues for the fun of it, they almost always do it for some type of gain, e.g: money, personal gain, some type of “revenge” against the company.

Personally, I think this is just one of those Roblox rumours, I would love to hear some of the times you’ve fallen for one of these rumours or even spread some of them without knowing it was a rumour.


Once a few years ago I saw one of those: “Tomorow is a national cyber threat day, make sure you do not click on any random links.”, this isn’t true, there has never been a major “doomsday” where a ton of hackers have come together to cause mass chaos, it’s just another one of those rumours.

I remember one of my friends falling for a major rumour at the time (early 2020), “ROBLOX will be shutting down, because they don’t have enough servers”, technically this makes NO sense, if they didn’t have enough servers, why didn’t they buy more?

There are many rumours out there, some big some small, share below!


It’s easy to fall for this, back in the day you would get this, but with letters…