Roblox’s 2012 April Fools Incident

Roblox’s 2012 April Fools Incident


Hi! I was reading some cool stuff about roblox and I found something really interesting about something called “Roblox’s 2012 April Fools Incident”. It sounded interesting so I decided to read it. After 2 hours investigating about this, I’m able to make like a summary for you so you can easily learn about this without having to read a lot on webs.

Okay so…

Okay so. The Roblox’s 2012 April Fools Incident was the biggest hack ever to roblox. Not a DDoS attack. The user Ellernate got access to the admin’s panel.

All this starts when…

A user called Caleb244 was criticizing Minish’s account, and Minish purchased Domino Crown, which was Caleb’s favorite item. They were fighting a lot in the forums. As a result, the two users were banned.

Starting the hack…

Soon after Caleb and Minish got banned, a user called Ellernate hacked roblox and used the power obtained to unban Minish. (Nobody knows if they were friends, or if it was Minish behind). Caleb kept banned forever. Ellernate had access to all the web and hacked the avatar shop and changed the price of literally all to 1 robux.

New random stuff

During the hack, Ellernate published a lot of new assets on Roblox’s account. The most famous asset that got published is a face with the title “c:”. It was sold for 100 robux. “Stickmasterluke” was the only person that bought it.

Roblox’s response

After the hack, Roblox staff took the web down. The website was back some hours later. The roblox admin panel was patched/updated and the roblox shop was still offline until the next day. People who were behind got banned.

The people that bought limiteds (valkiere, dominus, etc) for 1 robux and people that got free robux (you could buy roblox and never pay, like every time you click buy 10k robux it just gives it for free) got banned, some of them got a rollback and others kept all.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this a lot! It was really interesting for me.


Woah! I never really knew this, thank you so much!

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No problem! 2 hours and 30 mins more o less to write this and read webs to get informed. Glad to see you like it!

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Interesting story, nice!

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