Roblox Updates | Are they good?

Hi Cookie Tech!
So this morning, I saw in the HiddenDevs discord server, that Roblox has made Audio private so users like myself can’t use them.
But me, and one of my friends had a rant about this and I happened to mention that Roblox should release audio for developers if they can’t afford it, such as myself.

(Image provided by @Kieran)

I feel the need to think this is a great update from Roblox as now I don’t need to pay to upload for audio or finding audio that isn’t Content Deleted.

What are your views on this?



Yep, I saw the same message from HiddenDevs as well! This is a really good change. First badges were free, and now audio. Maybe we could get free video uploads in the future too!

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I didn’t realise we could upload our own videos to Roblox. I might have to go and investigate that :thinking:


Beat me to the post! :rage:

It’s not possible yet, however I never think it will become free, as a moderator has to watch the videos by hand, there’s no AI checking the video therefore I don’t think it will be cheap until we have the technology to precisely check videos for save content.

Maybe they should make it you can upload 1 free video a month (if your premium) - (This is as premium needs more features).


Lol, love when oreo beats you to posts XD.
I think it would be nice for Roblox to start releasing new things, and then later have to pay for it once you have reached the limit or something like badges. Roblox is doing some good updates and I like to see the future of the platform and have progressive it comes to.

What? It is possible, that’s how people create game trailers and upload them in the experience’s gallery page.

Trailers can only be used on your games gallery page.

Videos can be put on UI in your game and then be played from within game.

Game trailers are linked via YT, like here:

Where as videos for Roblox games are this:

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It’s better than Roblox getting sued I guess. But Funky Friday is in big trouble.

People consider this update one of the worst updates.

At the moment people are happy with this update however, some big things are happening in the background.

There are so many terrible features to this update it’s unreal, on the surface it looks like a good update, but like an iceberg, there’s a lot under the surface I’ve to go to uncover.

So one of the key issues: Alright nice, free audio! HOWEVER, now If I upload 10 audios for free, there is no way that I can pay Roblox to upload 11 audios, I need to wait 30 days to start uploading audios again.

Yeh, not good.

However, since I am ID verified as a 13+ user, I will be allowed to get 100 audio assets per month, yet many people are uncomfortable sharing identification with Roblox, which is perfectly fine.

Developers who have processed a successful DevEx request will be eligible to upload 2000 audio assets per month.

What has been considered the worst update by most people is that: On the 22nd of march audio will be private by default and already existing audio longer than 6 seconds will automatically be set to private.

This isn’t good as almost all audio on Roblox is longer than 6 seconds, therefore music/SFX that used to be used publicly is now going to become private, meaning a vast majority of games will have their audio compromised, for example, Cookie tech is working on the game: “Antarctica Story”, we have some sound effects that will now become private because Roblox wants that to happen.

People are extremely angry with Roblox & Roblox crashed part there own servers as so many people were responding to the post-Roblox made about removing the audios, right now there are 2197 posts of people making angry remarks to Roblox & constantly 2 (or more) people typing.

Part of this update may be because Roblox wants to remove copyright audios, but who even knows at this point…

I’m pretty sure this update is also hurting the Roblox stock market.

Games like “The Normal Elevator” that use multiple audios have had all of the audios removed.

I would like to see how Roblox handles this situation (without breaking the platform)

I would love to hear your opinion,


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Yea, the thing is, every game uses some form of audio. For example, in my roleplay game Northdrift County, there are a couple of audio assets uploaded. One of them was a soundtrack uploaded by Roblox.

Same with my in-development, Admino, I believe there may be a button click audio asset and an error audio asset.

Honestly, I don’t like the limit for uploading limit audio assets per month. That is such a long wait time! 30 days, really Roblox?

Roblox has been getting sued a lot for music copyright infringement, which may have also affected Roblox’s stock market (RBLX).

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In addition to that, “BoomBox” game passes are completely destroyed.

Here is the current “non-copyright” library provided by roblox which will be completed in the next few weeks:

Music - Roblox MonsterCat

Music - Roblox

Oh god, this is going way too far. People are literally threatening to start a “developer strike,” which essentially could include privating Roblox games as well as putting a halt to developing games, or assets, for everyone on the Roblox platform.

A developer tweeted this out, which was also covered by YouTuber KreekCraft;

(Image is slightly cut, sorry!)

Link to tweet:

Developer Strike? They ain’t going to get through with that…

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Well everyone, another one of Roblox’s silly antics making us mad again.

I rely on some of my games community-created SFX and music. This update just makes me fuming right now that Roblox thinks it is a good choice to private everyone’s audio and not give them the functionality to make it public on the Audio tab. I understand if it is to combat copyright infringement or if they need to buy time to combat the bypassing situation, but this was suddenly announced and we get a ‘Audio Discovery’ plug-in to see if any sounds in our game needs to be replaced. Again, some developers (like me) rely on community-created SFX and music to make our games. It seems no point of re uploading the sounds as you won’t be able to access it (unless you have downloaded it beforehand)

In some older games (pre 2016), the creator may have not logged in to the account for a long time and as a result, sounds will break. I think Roblox should have thought of older games and inactive accounts before making this (dumb) decision.

I also swear that people will upload 6 seconds or lower parts of music and then make scripts that plays them like normal audio; just split up in 6 second parts.

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do you thing Roblox going to banned music players where you can’t use them in your game no longer

Quite possibly, since audio players will no longer be able to use audio that is copyright and the owner wont have every audio, it’s almost impossible to have these “boomboxes” working…

Here is what asimo3089 has said:


This really sucks, it would be fabulous if I could use my EpidemicSound license on roblox games but I doubt that would be ever possible as lots of legal things need to be linked and it would be very messy and complex.

I ALSO want to link my post to this as I want this to be reverted asap: Roblox Roblox Roblox - ALL bots are broken!? - Development - Cookie Tech (