Roblox VoiceChat - Lot's of bans

Yesterday we were just talking about how you’ll no longer need your id to use roblox voice chat.

Roblox is trying to roll this out to everybody, but now Roblox is starting to roll out bans to people who are saying bad things in Roblox voice chat & if you’ve ever been in a Roblox VC you know how bad it can get.

This is the brand new ban message you get if you do something that may upset Roblox moderation standards, I would love it if Roblox managed to eliminate most of the “bad things” happening on VC but I think we’re still a long while from that.

It seems that Roblox really are using their recording system, as it has the exact date and the exact time this was said, this will be really useful if you’re trying to work out what happened.

I wonder how they moderate this and flag it, maybe they could use machine learning to ban the individuals or maybe they solely rely on reports, for now I don’t know much regarding this.

I really support this from Roblox & I hope they find a way to eliminate all abuse, for now, we just have to wait!


I believe they’re also releasing banwaves so make sure to stay clean!

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