Saturn | Find and recruit developers 🪐

Hello Cookie Tech!

Yesterday, we announced Saturn. Today, we’re taking it to the next level. Saturn is an alternative to the Talent Hub, which in many ways is an improvement.

  • The talent Hub is unsafe, I’ve gone on there (testing) with an account that’s around 30 minutes old and no verified email, and I was able to view every project available. Therefore it’s incredibly easy to raid.

  • The Talent Hub has zero good projects, it’s impossible to find a real developer, that doesn’t charge over 1,000,000,000+ robux.

Saturn is different.

Our excellent customer service team can find you developers in minutes, instead of browsing hours just find a developer charging around 100,000 robux. We find developers inside of your price range, so you can get to making your game.

Some features from Saturn were pay-wall blocked, such as the ability to find more than 3 developers. This was a bad idea, and we’re going to fix it by giving every current member of Cookie Tech a FREE lifetime Saturn Star Plan!

Now, for the big announcement…

Saturn is now public! No more replying to enroll in the programme, simply send @Saturn a message containing which type of developers you are looking for!

Saturn’s NEW forum site (discourse) will be releasing soon!

Saturn would not be possible without the following star people:

Chairman, Saturn :ringer_planet:

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!


Woah! This is going to so cool!

Thanks, Luke!

We plan on releasing even more, such as a possible AI system!

Chairman, Saturn :ringer_planet:

Please welcome our new Customer Service Advisor, @luke!

@luke will assist clients with finding developers, please welcome them to the team!

Chairman, Saturn :ringer_planet:

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What methods does Saturn take regarding scammers? In addition to this how do you withstand large orders without an automated method?

Saturn uses mainly the DevForum, and we use reliable developers, such as ones we’ve used before.

Saturn is not liable for scams, as its your job to review them, you can always request new developers.

As for AI, please check your messages.

What happens if it’s a new developer and somebody purchases from the “non-established” developer, what risks do you take?

Would Saturn be responsible for proving an unreliable developer?

Saturn would assume some liability, however we traditionally recommend developers with a bit more vouches, however if a Customer Service agent recommends a scammer/low-quality developer, it is their responsibilty.

However, if your price range is incredibly low and this is the best Saturn can find you, then we assume no liability.

If you’re hiring for percentage, the developer is taking a risk, and if your game does not succeed, Saturn takes no liabilty of Developers leaving the project.

Hope this helps!

I’m confused on how it works though. Is it like this?

  1. A user contacts a Development Locator
  2. A development locator finds a developer inside of the user’s price range (Lets say around £100-£250)
  3. User gets details on how to contact developer

Yes! Except there is a few things different we can’t disclose publicly, however check the Staff Messaging in a few minutes/hours!

Can I join the group?

We are currently closed, apologies.

Will it contain Time Zone for peoples ? Because sometimes you contact someone that have 9 hour more then you and its hard to set a correct time for both.

Yes, we can do that for you with our Star Plan.

Oh, yes, Saturn is re-opened!

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Hey Cookie Tech!

Are you ready to take your project to the next level? Stay tuned for an announcement from us tomorrow!

I see. Do we have to pay, and if yes, what payment method do you support?

For one of the features, yes it will be a payment, via Robux. However, the Standard Saturn Plan is still available for free.


Introducing… Saturn Ad Boards!

Let’s be honest, advertising a game is hard, and the price some games make you pay is crazy. So, we’re introducing Saturn Ad Boards, the next generation product.

Saturn Ad Boards are open to all groups for a low price, because advertising is essential.

At the moment, pricing will be :robux: 15 per 3 days, so all groups can access Saturn Ad Boards.

(For now, Saturn Ad Boards are only available in this game, however, expect a more broad range of games soon.)

We hope that this helps you grow your game, and we will continue to offer our industry-leading Talent Hub at no charge to you,

To purchase, please DM @Saturn.


We will also have a :robux: 20 per 3 days option, which will include additional branding, e.g. changing board colours, etc.