Script support needed

	local admin = player.PlayerGui:WaitForChild("Essentials Client")["Base Clip"].Container
	local place = admin:WaitForChild("Notif Clone").Inner
	local corner ="UICorner", place)

Everything in the script is fine but the uicorner part, im trying to create a new uicorner with and parent it to “place(the variable)” however when going into game it doesnt parent the uicorner to “place”


local corner =“UICorner”)
corner.Parent = place

tried that, still doesn’t work

Is this a LocalScript or a Script?

script, not localscript

Is there anything in logs?

no (20 carsssssssssssss)

Try without WaitForChild.

tried, doesnt work (20)

Usage of this script?

? (20 carsssssssssss)

What are you trying to do with this script?

I have basic admin essentials, I’m trying to add a curve in the GUI

This might not be the most efficient method.

Modifying BAE UIs - Tutorial - Cookie Tech (


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