Spring Activity Competition - 2022 - Point roundup 7


1 entire week later!

We’ve made some tremendous progress.

@RealOH20 starting to get a sturdy grip on first lead. @Deleted_User12 & @FriX_0z will have to work hard to get back to the top.

Without holding on anymore, here is the current leader board:

Username Points Position
oh20_rblx 271 #1
scriptedoreo 239.5 #2
FriX_0z 157 #3
Delighted_Snowman 79 #4
roblox_jw 9.5 #6
Xxxjrgamein938xxX 9.5 #6
25swrld 7.5 #7
Toznee_Roblox 7.5 #7
Kieran 7 #8
HayHay 3.5 #9
CakePlayz 3.5 #9
Jake_Westler 3 #10
Conos 3 #10
Levi_B-T 2.5 #11
green_redtop 2.5 #11
B00PUP 2 #12
chunkyylegacy 1.5 #13
Cam 1 #14
NeonNathan 1 #14
MonkeyChings 1 #14
VERSE 0.5 #15
xVoid_xyz 0.5 #15
petruu 0.5 #15
Skzimos 0.5 #15
Aviation 0.5 #15
Jonslau 0.5 #15

Well done to everyone who’s doing well!

Keep in mind anybody can join at any time, the harder you try a higher chance you have of winning!

Fellow reminder: Remember that making posts against rules and regulations will allow others to report your post & earn points of it!

Follow the main post here for more info/help!

Will @RealOH20 win the competition?

@discobot fortune

(This is a joke, this won’t effect the competition)

:crystal_ball: Better not tell you now

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How do I have 2 Points-

@discobot fortune

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@discobot display help

I currently know how to do the following things:

@discobot start {name-of-tutorial}

Starts an interactive tutorial just for you, in a personal message. {name-of-tutorial} can be one of: tutorial, advanced tutorial.

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 3, 6

@discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Reply hazy, try again

@discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: Anyone who proposes to do good must not expect people to roll stones out of his way, but must accept his lot calmly if they even roll a few more upon it. — Albert Schweitzer

Wow. I never thought I would gather so many points in one day! Everyone seems to be doing a lot of progress, compared to the 6th point roundup. Great job to everyone!

He won’t win if Oreo dedicates his day to posting.

You forgot that today is the day where I have my whole day free … :smirk:

Same. May the best man win. I know what’s coming at the end so I do need to try my best to win this…

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@Delighted_Snowman send me a messaeg with a screenshot on what it says!

I guess I’m gonna lose :smiley:

There is always a chance, I’ve seen people who’ve been able to get many points on the forums in one day.

Tip: If your new or haven’t responded to many posts scroll down to “suggested topic”, then start responding to topics!

Oreo with him getting 100 points within a day, how is that possible :sob:?!?!?!?

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