The most silly roblox event EVER!? SHAVETOPIA?

There is a brand out there called Philips, they’re common for electrics, such as lights, shavers, electric toothbrushes and a lot more.

This company has a sub-branch specifically for shavers, “PhilipsNorelco”. 2 days the representing Twitter account came out with this post.

When your style is larger than life, take it to a whole new universe. Check out #Shavetopia, now live on
. Then portal your way to #TowerDefenseSimulator, #RetailTycoon2, and [#EmergencyResponseLibertyCounty](https://twitter.c/](

Is this not the most stupid thing you’ve ever seen? An entire game focused around yes, you heard me correctly, SHAVING.

60% of the player community has NO interest in shaving their faces or specifically buying a £300 shaver, for their face. I don’t even know how this came to happen.

The game has a terrific like to dislike ratio, play it for yourself

This really brings up the question, is roblox really doing this for the quality of the event, or for the money, this really just shows us how money greedy roblox is.

Only 1.5 years ago events were really special, I remember the lil nas x, a really really good event, then after this a ton of bad events came. Most of these events only take a couple of weeks for a big team to put together and solely are for roblox to make this.

Do you think roblox should scrap events or fix them, because I certainly do.


I have to agree with you, 100%.

Out of all events Roblox could have done, they chose shaving? Like, what’s even the point of that, to get a new haircut and facial hairstyles?

Honestly, this is just the most ridiculous and low-quality event Roblox has ever made.

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Two letters.
why would i want to play that over smthn thats basic as heck that I made

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Probably Roblox wants money so they are accepting shoddy events.


Just wanted to add a product they are commonly known for.
Medical Supplies

So, why. Fix them, just make it fun, don’t use Shaving as a game.