Missed Roblox Opportunity Event (Roblox Dave)

We’ve already talked about the terrible states of roblox events:

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Recently we were hoping for a great event that was full of free games and the concept looked really good. It had YouTubers items and people were looking forward to it.


However the event is finally here and in the events of SharkBlox himself, it’s “awful”.

We had no idea what could happen but people weren’t expecting this terrible quality. Nothing is free and they all cost robux, people were expecting that you could earn them, but of course that’s not the case.

Also all the pricing is terrible. They also aren’t giving the free items away by skill but by like goals, which is a clear way that they will make their event boost.

Also I believe this is against ToS.

They had a well done game but they didn’t utilise it at all. Complete disappointment. It also doesn’t work as a Roblox Event, a lot of only in game stuff.

But that’s it, complete disappointment.

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