The worst-rated Roblox event? - The unsteadiness of likes

Hello everyone,

I’m sure your well aware by now of the amount of events roblox hosts, roblox has many events that happen almost every week at this point. These updates are very useful as they boost player engagement time & the amount of active players on the platform.

However some of these roblox events can be heavily hated upon or disliked.

However one of the newest evens on roblox was heavily heavily disliked.


Before the “GRAMMY Week” event even took place people were disliking it.

This really sucks for the developers. Now here are a few reasons things may have happened, according to players who went to the event, the map was unanchored :anchor: a serious issues which only beginners normally have issues with.

In addition to that it was very buggy in the live events.

This really sucks for the developers, it’s un-motivating & really puts every in a bad mood. Only after the event ended it seems it’s fixed.

It was also reported that finding all the awards in the game was heavily difficult & people started disliking the game as you had to find 64 record players which became a very tedious task.

Here I am in the game, exploring in my mastercard helicopter:

Have you been to the event & would you have gone,


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I went there. And my server was horrible. Apparently one of the developers put a FREE model (I don’t know if it was, but I compare it to one in the toolbox and it was a match!) with viruses, this caused the server to be exploitable and then a few minutes later, controversial symbols showed up and we were kicked. It apparently had a script that if you opened the Roblox menu, closed or used alt f4 it would reconnect you so I had to restart my PC.

Whoever made this needs to be fired.

What? I’ll be testing this out for myself, according to my knowledge it’s not allowed to lock the player in-game when you force close the app.

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Yeh, that’s practically impossible - Alt + F4 & ctrl + shift + esc should all work.

It is possible, go into Roblox studio and type ‘anti leave’ and get a model.

I’ve tried multiple models, they all don’t seem to work.

I don’t think I played it but it looks awful. Free models for a Roblox event?? I wonder how the next event will be.

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I’m not sure if it was a free model, after the event had finished it was fixed and was really nice.

Sometimes one singular bug can make everything drop down.