UGC copies are now being deleted!?

Finally! It’s about time, recently, we’ve had so many issues with UGC, remember this? Well Roblox has now made an official post:

In the announcement, Roblox acknowledges that while over 90% of Marketplace items are community-created, some of them are, unfortunately, copies or near-copies of Roblox-created Limiteds. They share our concerns and are committed to finding a solution to this problem.

To tackle this issue, Roblox has outlined the following measures:

  1. Clarifying the policy prohibiting copies: Creators in the UGC Program must adhere to the Community Standards, Terms of Use, and Marketplace Requirements, which prohibit creating items that are overly similar to existing ones. Creators who violate these policies will be removed from the UGC Program, and their items will be taken off-sale.
  2. Reducing financial incentives for copying: If an item is reported and found to be a copy, Roblox will refund the buyer and cancel any pending payments for that item, removing the financial incentives for bad actors. There’s also a 30-day escrow hold for each purchase, during which Roblox holds the commission from the sale of items. If an item is removed for copying, the creator won’t receive any earnings held in this escrow.
  3. Improving detection of copies: In the coming weeks, Roblox will roll out improvements to better recognize copies of Roblox-created Limiteds before they’re published in the Marketplace. This is expected to significantly reduce the number of copies and help identify violators.

If you’re interested in joining the UGC Program or want to learn more about it, you can submit your application through the provided link or visit the Marketplace Requirements and Publishing to Marketplace pages of the Creator Hub.

This is a positive step forward, and I’m sure we all appreciate Roblox’s efforts to maintain the integrity of the Marketplace and protect creators’ original content. What are your opinions on this and should it change?