First Roblox UGC Limited's - Now deleted

You may this post from a while ago.

This is a double-bladed sword, some people really want this to happen, while overs though this would be horrendous, judging by the ongoing state of UGC…

This tweet was posted by the RBLXTradingNews account:

I wonder if this account is related to Roblox or is working with roblox, but for now nobody is sure. It’s most likely this item was made for thanksgiving but I’m not sure (I don’t know much about thankgsgiving):

Then 30 minutes after, this is what happened:

What are your opinions on this, also do you think UGC should come and stay?


It turned out roblox put it on their own account:

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If that was a test that could also be interesting.

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As soon as I heard this from SharkBlox a couple of days agi, I purchased this chicken-googly eyes limited item … just to see where it goes and if it’s actually going to become a good limited item. This products does mark a pretty historic event as it’s the first UGC created by somebody else to become a limited item.

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Good idea, you never know if it could blow up from the news.

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