UGC Limited’s - Now out?

Hello cookie tech forums,

Roblox news has just posted that they’ve found roblox limiteds created by UGC creators, as we can see their is a new face:

Many people have wanted UGC faces for a long time so this may be roblox experimenting with this feature, I can already see the controversy that will come with this, the face in the image above already looks like a very expensive face that already exists: “Playful Vampire”, this only costs 75.

I think these UGC creations will be a big step up for roblox, however, I’m not sure if parts of the community will take this well

What are your views on this, is this a win or din for the roblox UGC program?


I quite like it, but I don’t know about some parts.

I did not see this as a limited.

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This looks cool! I can imagine how investors into limiteds will keep these for long-term. Dynamic heads and UGC items are the future of the platform.


I don’t think this is public yet, I think it’s just limited to scrapers (bot).