Venture - Moderation With Ease

:warning: | Venture is in early-beta testing. We have hired some amazing people to help ensure we are stable.


What is Venture?

Venture is a BETA Admin panel, we are trying to get all the features out soon, currently we only have the UI available. It should take a few more days for release!


Owned by @Delish_Bakery, Lead developer is @cypherpheonix

Last updated: :spiral_calendar: - 2022-10-28T23:51:00Z


What’s changed?

:exclamation: - This version is only available to the beta testers.

Touchups to the Panel UI.

What’s Planned?

  • Private Messaging system
  • Hint
  • Settings Page

What’s next?

Pre-DP1 2!

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I’ve seen this in action, I joined sven’s game hehe

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You can’t say it’s by “Bloxbiz” when that’s already a Company on Roblox…

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Bloxbiz is a company that is now called Superbiz, maybe consider changing the name?

“By bloxbiz”

Sure this yours or you copying it?

Bloxbiz is actually called “Superbiz” if you didn’t know :slight_smile:

Should this be a bulletin board for update, what actually is this?

hehe i saw u : ) how do you like it?

Will there be anything good like custom commands, _G api to execute certain functions like commands or check a user’s rank?

Answer my question please. @Jessica

Why does it show “by bloxbiz/superbiz”?
Are you copying it or is it to do with something else?

Ugh, suppose this is what I get for using ‘bloxbiz’ Its bloxbiziness.

Sorry for the mis-understanding.

How we are bringing the best services

We are bringing the BEST services by ensuring that everything is tailored to your needs!

We won’t use _G. We will use Remote Events! Custom Commands aren’t called that, they are called Packages. GroupRank based Controls will be added later on.


Rate the UI so far. Feel free to Message me with some feedback, or post it here.
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Woah, woah! I’m quite sure this is Commander…


its not. i made it from scratch dude-

This UI looks pretty similar to the UI of Commander, but regardless, it’s not too bad. If there was something more on the interface, maybe some extra buttons and detail, the UI should look better.

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Man, stop lying.
Stop taking guis and saying “this is mine, this is mine”
This is a copyright violation.
You can get into serious trouble.
So stop.

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I took the idea of Commander, and put it into my own style. That’s why it is clearly branded. I am going to add some more things like more buttons not just one in a place. It is NOT copyright, as it is not theirs. Plus, you can’t really copyright Roblox.

And what do you have to say about GUIHelpr with no license?