WARNING: Do NOT use RoScripter's bot tutorial

Do not use it. First off, it uses glitch API which is very slow, plus it is open to the public. Setting it private costs money, so people can copy your APY KEY and your COOKIE. I have experienced it before. I used RoScripter’s tutorial for a group, then like a day later, everyone was demoted to Hotel Guest. Thank you for reading!
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It’s terrible, go to “glitch.com”, click the search icon, search “Roblox Ranking”, then open the project and go to the code & the cookie will be right there ahead of you, be very careful.

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Tell me about it… why would he even make that?!

Maybe he didn’t realise the severity of something like this?

Maybe… Probally. Sad…

I think if you wanted a Ranking Bot, use cookies ranking tutorial as it’s trusted and I use it to this day, or use qbot. I use both and they work well.

Yes, I agree. Both work really well!

I used it and it works for me.

Yes, but what HayHay is saying is to be careful when using it.

Yes, thank you! :smiley: Stealing a cookie can hack your bot.

Look how terribly scary this is:

And ANYBODY can do this, be careful out there guys.

The tutorial I made hides the cookie from everyone, except yourself.

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It is insane… very scary. Once I used his service for a hotel group, next day everyone got demoted BY the BOT…

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Roscripters tutorials are more for you to learn. Not really just to take it and use it. When you learn something you can do it better. He used glitch because it was free and again it was for teaching. I dont think he ment for people to actually use it like that

RoScripter probably didn’t realise that the source can be publically viewed

I don’t really know which one to use for my group now I realise this.

I think he knew the source could be publicly viewed hut again it was a tutorial on how to do it for free

I think he intended on teaching users about external API’s, but he certainly should have introduced some disclaimers or something.

Me & other external developers have warned Roscripter about this multiple times, but I don’t think he will go back & change everything.

Also using glitch or repl.it is kind of out of the box now, as the new roblox update meant that you must be in the same region (continent) for your bot to function correctly, as glitch & repl.it select random servers to keep your bot running you could have a chance of your bot not functioning at all because you don’t have any knowledge on where your server is being hosted.

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Just put it as an Environment Variable ;-; then they can’t see your cookie/api key

He doesn’t teach people that, in addition glitch or replit is not for hosting, it’s an IDE where you type code, not where you host it.

When I look on glitch some of them are in a .env that I can’t see

Still, glitch is not a hosting platform merely an IDE.