Your thoughts on twitter now

As elon (owner of tesla motors) bought twitter, it has gone into the toilet.

Noticing that #MuskIsATool is now trending.

I’ve been meaning to make a detailed post on this for a while now but didnt see the need.

Again, I don’t understand how someones tweet = Elon is doing something wrong.

We need to establish that twitter is a horrible business that makes little to NO money and ontop of that it pays its employees hundreds of thousands of dollars for what?

Twitter is a business that is LOOSING, It’s twitter that’s going down the drain not because of Elons actions but because of the actions of the previous investors and employees

Some people don’t like that he is laying off employees left right and center but how else will he save the business. And again, most of these employees didnt/dont do anything.

Twitters verification system has lost meaning, there’s no real point to being verified.

How has it lost meaning? It’s still the same thing it always was. A blue checkmark

Anyone could pay $8/month to be verified, therefore there’s no real reason to be verified any more.

As long as they verify that people are actually the people. E.g: The real Cookie gets his checkmark, I see no issue with this, it just reduces the requirements for this, of course it’s a great way for people to scam. But as long as they do the proper checks it should be fine.

It’s a bit like discords freemium scheme, with 3 discord nitro boosts you get a vanity link, being a discord partner also gives you a vanity link, so it’s a win lose situation.

Yes I’ve heard of this. This isn’t just pay to get verified its pay to STAY verified. You dont get verified for paying the $8. The process of getting verified is still there and still hard.

You do get verified for paying the $8, Elon said so himself.

Yikes, look at this.

It may become a freemium platform, we’re not sure for now, but I don’t feel twitter should be earned by one man.

Update: twitter has combatted the fakes by adding a official checkmark.


I’ve got to say, twitter is becoming more hilarious as we come along the way with it. With Elon owning the platform, he is doing anything for making the platform gain money. “Twitter Blue” was an alright update despite it being gone within a couple of hours of being released.

There could be better updates within the app, and there will be when everything becomes better, but as for now the app is funny because of the mess it is in.


I’ve never used Twitter and don’t plan to, at first the business was improving during the start of the pandemic (because of everything going virtual), but ever since Elon Musk announced he’d be purchasing Twitter things have totally went sideways.

Twitter needs to get itself together, or else it will break just like how Facebook / Meta did. Elon Musk’s overtaking of Twitter did nothing but spark a huge debate.

Oreo!! Hi.

I agree with you. The “Twitter Blue” Was 100% for money. There coould be better updates. But other than that Twitter is pretty good.

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At first, I used twitter just for social PR, but right now I don’t have much more to do with it.

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