Are Roblox Events loosing their touch?

Hey there Cookie Tech community,

While I was sitting at my desk procrastinating doing any work I had to get done this thought just popped into my head and I wanted to share it with you guys

Do you think Roblox events are loosing their touch?

In the beginning Roblox seemed to be putting a lot more effort into their events/concerts (like we saw with the lil nas x concert) but recently it feels as if Roblox is pushing out games/events 24/7 and not putting any effort into them. From time to time I’ll go on and see some random event that I never heard of and honestly, I’m not really interested in checking them out.

Where did it go wrong

Now, I may just be speaking for myself here but I feel like this downfall started with the KSI concert. It was just a screen playing a video in a map where there was nothing to do. Sure it was a concert but when Roblox did the lil nas x concert they set a standard. After that with other events it just started to look bad. But in the end I’m not sure. Again, I personally feel like there is something special missing in todays events. Do you feel the same? Let me know.

  • I feel Roblox events arent as good as they were
  • I enjoy Roblox events and actively participate in them
  • I feel Roblox events are fine but I don’t participate in them

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We’ve had many topics talking about how roblox events have been, I feel like the last good event was the lil nas x event.

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I also feel as if the 2021 bloxies were so much better than the in person bloxies. :frowning:

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Roblox Events will never be the same. The annual bloxy awards are becoming boring, they have no touch to them anymore. I personally think the RDC is a better event, this just sits with a good impact on me because we find out everything new coming to roblox, what it’s like there for the developers on the platform, and what they are improving for us.

I however do think all the events need to be improved, or even need to bring some old events back.

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I agree with the first part of this, not really with the second. If Roblox were to repeat events over and over again, they will become boring to players and it will make the event concepts even worse.

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