Opinions on Roblox Moderation - Is it getting worse?

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I recently came across a tweet by an individual that goes by the name of the simple saying this:

If you remember, a while ago, I started I didn’t think the state of Roblox moderation wasn’t that bad yet the more times the same things happen, the worse this gets.

So it seems the owner was terminated on behalf of the user that edited the game that breached the top on Roblox.


We can see that the victim is trying to communicate with Roblox, but keeps getting rejected or just getting a what seems automated message in return.

It seems like the victim is not getting any help or form of assistance from Roblox and so they have gone to Twitter to disclose their painful moderation experience.

I think that this is starting to become a bigger issue, my opinion of Roblox being in the right is starting to fade but I think Roblox still has a few valid points.

So first of all we can see that Roblox sends this to the user:

Roblox’s general response was, “development of group games falls on the group owner.”

Now, let me just hit you with an example:

Let’s say you have your Roblox account, Imagine if your sibling goes to your computer and starts doing bad things on it, who do you think is responsible, your sibling or you, it would most likely be you, it’s your responsibility for whatever happens on the account, that’s why you should not share your passwords with friends or siblings & always turn off or lock your computer when your not using it.

Roblox has a fair point, that you should be in charge of managing your game, nobody says you have to add that person to your group, it’s your job to manage who has access or edits your game.

The one point Roblox fails with, is public communication, Roblox always is very silent, doesn’t inform people about situations & in some scenarios (such as the ToS updates) have failed to converse properly.

It’s a hard topic to talk about & I would love to hear your opinions on it!

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Roblox is literally the best (or most interactive/unique) multiplayer metaverse platform on the planet. But Roblox is going too far on the moderation, this has always been a complaint from people for years, especially since the pandemic started. I even messaged them once about this and they never responded to this day. Roblox clearly knows about this, no doubt, 100% but they don’t do anything, nor do they give valid responses via emailing support. Roblox moderation is a top priority for the cooporation to revisit and fix. I can completely guarantee that several truthful and innocent developers have been wrongfully terminated off the Roblox platform, I just hope this doesn’t happen to us since it looks like there is not much we can do about it.

I think this is absolutely insane. ROBLOX is supposed to bring users together through play, through connections and chat, through fun on a platform, and obviously there will be predators. The victim had no idea this was inserted to their game, the developer inserted it, ROBLOX needs to understand that.
Adding onto this, ROBLOX does nothing about falsely labeled models in the toolbox. I have seen various users, including myself fall victim to simply looking at a model in their game, when it’s nothing as labeled, such as a troll GUI. This is also annoying, as the model never gets moderated, only the user that inserted it.
ROBLOX seriously needs to get it together. They have never seemed to have good moderation, between their chat filter that will filter “Hi” or “You” for no reason, moderating people for no reason, moderating the wrong people, or not moderating people they should. I think at some points, people bring money into ROBLOX and the platform doesn’t want to moderate them, since they could lose that fund. This, if it’s true, is stupid; they make enough money. ROBLOX’s moderation, some argue is good, but no, I’ll never agree. The platform drives away many of its players in a year due to unfair moderation. If ROBLOX moderators did their job better, this could be avoided.
I understand in some cases there may be a misunderstanding, but this has happened way too many times. ROBLOX seriously needs to fix this, no matter the action, if it’s training moderators better or just being more intense with moderator restrictions/rules.

Since this is long, here’s a conclusion:
This has happened too many times, ROBLOX seriously needs to get it together and get better moderation.

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I got a warning for such a stupid reason once (saying see I don’t have discoard) I got to a moderator and They agreed with me and then I got the roblox rules changed that you can’t chat/promote social media.
And a quick way of saying this, the moderation IS getting worse.

As the community got bigger you would expect moderation to improve, but I think the opposite is happening at this point, very very slowly you can see things changing.

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Another thing just happened an arsenal developer known by dev keni has just been deleted for no specific reason:


What are other peoples view on this?

It seems that lot’s of people are hit with bad moderation, but it only seems like giants within the roblox developer community can actually get any help, smaller developers can normally just reach out to roblox support to never get a ounce of help.

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I’ve been recently wanred for uploading “inappropriate” content about two weeks ago. However, when contacting Roblox Support, they constantly claim it’s “illegal” even though it does not violate any laws in my country and elsewhere. Just how is it illegal? Why did the reason change?

I’m really getting annoyed that Roblox uses bot-like and very unprofessional responses, as well as fails to answer questions directly. This is not like politics, Roblox, where you avoid answering questions directly … why don’t you get that?

Today, I’ve contacted Roblox Support again, and yet they gave me the same, bot-like response. This was with a different support member, luckily.

I am very willing to start a DevForum post about this, and get Roblox to respond to me directly and properly. I don’t take bot responses as the final judgement.

Here is what I was trying to upload for a search bar feature:


This is merely meant for my search bar feature in Admino, my upcoming management panel system. Does Roblox realize several games use similar icons? I feel targeted.

Well, Roblox, according to your own Community Standards …

Where does my image fit in?

I got a warning a few ago and I learned that appeals suck so its rare anything happens, tho my friend got banned (pbanned) for his user name and he got unbanned from appeals so its half and half.

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Are you sure the image wasnt copyrighted? Did you make the image or source it from somewhere else?

You can get the exact same image in various places, wouldn’t make sense that one of them is copyrighted.

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It was from a website that allows people to customize icons and download them. The website does not state it’s a copyrighted product.

I’ve downloaded other icons from the site a few times before, and it wasn’t an issue until now when I received the warning which Roblox first claimed it as “inappropriate” and then called it “illegal and regulated activities.”

A long time ago, I get a warning for making a “clickable ad”.

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Roblox has removed the “gay” bans a few days ago, now it’s just a few days worth of a ban for saying “gay is bad” which I DO NOT condone, and I found this on YouTube, I am not homophobic, and didn’t try this


Tbh they should probably just pban people who say stuff like this as it’s just wrong. I’m straight myself but I know some gay and trans people online and irl and it annoys me so much when people say bad stuff about being it.


Yeah - it’s honestly not funny to make fun of that.


I do too, it is messed up for someone to “make fun” of that. I also agree with @peter

As bad as that is, they can’t permanently ban someone for their first offense. People do have the right to an opinion & to free speech, while it is rude and homophobic and violates ROBLOX ToS, it is their opinion.
I don’t condone the behavior in any way.

I mean true but pretty sure I have seen some people get pbanned on their first offense. And if it was something tiny ok but these people are just making fun of being gay or anything else. What roblox needs to do is just ban people who are making fun of someone or something and ban the oders. I know its not a simple job as roblox is big but they have mods who should review reports. not some dumb bot who does not know a thing. I love roblox alot but they need to fix there moderation.

Moderation in my opinion is just trash. I got a warning for the picture below.