Roblox UGC catalogue is going through its worst period?

Hey everybody,

Roblox ugc copies are getting very very bad, with many copies & things being unoriginal.


It’s almost a strange cycle :cyclone:

UGC creator 1 copies from Roblox,
UGC creator 2 copies from UGC creator 1.

Quite bad, right?

That’s all, now things are being taken from roblox, like this glass box:


I’m not even sure if this is copyright, I’ll have yet to find out, but seeing Roblox even allowed this after having a major rivalry with Minecraft is kind of crazy.

Later on, roblox went ahead and removed the item, but seeing this person is rather big in the community it’s quite disappointing to see this.


But this isn’t the first case of that.

This is essentially a Decal but it’s been uploaded as a FACE!??!?!?!?!?!?

What are your views on this and do you think this could have been changes?



The Roblox UGC platform has become a spam pit & this is what we're getting from it:

There is no quality control AT ALL.

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— Cookie Tech (@CookieTechRBLX) October 4, 2022
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:skull: - This is a clone, except no particles…


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It’s still not fixed. :frowning:

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Roblox are simply letting in TOO many new creators.


These people are making some easy money from cheap-quality and pretty useless products … what is Roblox doing. :skull:

There has never been a better time.

This is horrendous. :skull:


Oh no…

Roblox UGC Just Died - YouTube

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I’m surpised that Roblox is still doing nothing about this, it’s getting out of hand and Roblox as a company is just spectating this whole thing.

Community members are what made Roblox what it is today, as they always say “we” make up their platform, but if they aren’t listening to us then where is the “we” part of this?

I feel like UGC is turning into the shirts part of the catalog (Avatar Shop).

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Yep, except it’s worse, uploaded content for UGC is no longer moderated until a user reports a rule-breaking item to Roblox.

The avatar shop is breaking, and fast.

Wow. This is such a scam …

Eight dollars for a fake verification checkmark? This is terrible. People will fall for this easily. All these “disclaimers” are useless.

I agree. Maybe put the disclamer way at the beginning and make it very flashy. Example:

! PLEASE READ ! Disclamer: This is just a geometric shape.

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But poor henry. He’s gonna get deleted!

Jokes aside. Roblox is letting just regular decals be UGC. Which is by all means not ok.

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The wonderful world of fake limiteds.

Since UGC has become public, it’s become a total mess. I’ve seen a bunch of the fake UGC around twitter and I simply just laughed. This goes to show that people don’t have any original ideas for themselves anymore.

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